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Intergalactic Hitchhiking, RPG style

Jun. 21st, 2006

05:28 pm - It ends

Just then, our three Not-Quite-Heros make their way directly into a party of magnificent proportions. There are Rakrans literally as far as the eye can see, partying down.

And our three Not-Quite-Heros join them, dancing and drinking well into the night. They hear several rumours as they do so, but by the time the chitterchat starts they are far too drunk to notice the alarms ringing in their heads. And so they continue to party, the sun rising, and what would appear to be a dense blue fog rolling in.

Several Rakrans collapse, but that is obviously because they're too drunk, right?

And, abruptly, the party ends, Rakran, Human, and Betelgeusian alike falling to the ground, motionless and cold.

They died the way they lived.


((Comments of outrage and confusion are welcome!))

Mar. 28th, 2006

06:42 pm - Braaaaains


Ix runs a hand down the side of the ship until he reaches the card-slot. Shrugging, he pulls his Guide Identification Card out of the inside pocket of his jacket and feeds it to the ship. The side of the ship opens, revealing a stun gun and a metal baton. Ix scoffs, retrieves his card, and stalks away from the ship.

He pauses a moment, "I smell exhaust fumes coming from that direction," he gestures east, "And alcohol from over that way," west.

"So, I guess it depends on whether we want to leave, or," he looks hopeful, "Party."

Mar. 25th, 2006

04:16 pm - Look! A zombie!

Rakran Ship

Ix looks around and decides to turn the ship back on.
"Greetings, passengers!" it chimes. "You appear to be different from my previous owner. Would you like to take the tutorial?"
"No thanks," Ix says, examining the buttons. "Check the atmosphere, would you? And do you have any weapons we can use?"
"Sure thing!" You can almost see the computer's broad grin. "The atmosphere is fine for carbon based life forms. You do breathe oxygyn, right?"
"Yeah. Weapons?"
"You can find a large array of weapons outside the door to your left. Are you leaving?"
"Then goodbye!" the ship turns itself off again, and the door to the outside world opens.
Ix makes sure he's not forgetting anything, and steps outside.


You find yourself in a dense jungle, humid, steamy, and hot. Ix appears to be examining the wall of the ship to your left.

Jan. 16th, 2006

04:36 pm

Rakran Ship

The keys Alex press cause the ship to buck, and a disco ball to drop from the ceiling but not much else. The viewscreens go black as you enter the planet's atmosphere.

Ix crawls under the control panel and puts his satchel over his face.

Soon enough, the ship crashes into the planet. No one appears to be hurt, and Ix crawls from his hiding place to assess the situation.

Jan. 2nd, 2006

04:22 pm - Don't Panic!

Rakran ship, hurtling towards a planet

Ix closes the bathroom door and makes his way towards the controls ((seat D on the previous map)), and fiddles with the buttons. The ship lurches and groans at him and he takes a step away from it, taking another drink from his stash.

Dec. 23rd, 2005

11:41 pm - No, just gas

Rakran Ship

Ix and Kratir give Alex an odd look, but assume he's seeing things.
"All the native Rakrans," Kratir answers, "Hey, where'd that chick go?"

He taps a few buttons, and the ship wobbles in a terrifying manner.

Dec. 8th, 2005

12:08 am - Progress?

Rakran Ship

Ix waves vaguely in response to Q's question about drinks, "Ja. In the back, across the hall from the bathroom."

Alex starts feeling very relaxed. Hell, how could he have been stressed out on this ship? Hey, the Earth blew up, right, but everything afterwards has been, well, fun!
Happiness and an overwhelming joy overcome him as he nears the plant. The effects strengthen the closer he gets and the more he pays attention to it.

Kratir shrugs, "Rakra. The party can't start without us."

Nov. 1st, 2005

11:45 am

Rakran Ship

"You're looking at a Plant, man," Kratir yawns, "It's just a Plant."

Oct. 21st, 2005

02:49 pm - Wake up, people

Rakran Ship

Ix props his feet onto the readouts in front of him and puts his hands behind his head. "Rakrans are a species populating the planet Rakra," he says to Alex, "Much like humans used to populate the planet Earth, except for the making more sense part. And betelgeusians populate the planets Betelgeuse. And Vogons populate the planet Vogsphere. Need I go on?"

Kratir crosses his legs, and nods a bit. He yawns before grinning at Alex, "Yeah, man. You know, you need to relax a bit. Why don't you go, like, check out that plant back there?"

Oct. 3rd, 2005

09:54 pm - Aren't we done, yet?

Rakran Ship

The dispenser is largish, and sort of blocky. There's a button, and a squarish hole, and the letters SCCNDM in gold across the top. Something about it makes you uneasy.

"Exploded, man? Bummer. Where can I drop you off?"

Ix gets up and wanders back to the hallway, stopping for a moment to look at the plant next to the door.

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